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KENYA Documentation of Mokogodo Forest Restoration process

Photo Credit © FAO/Luis Tato Shoot ID 25029 – KE

12 August 2021, Lokusero, Laikipia County, Kenya – A woman belonging to the Olingo Lelatia Women Group carries firewood after collecting with the group in the Mukogodo Forest. Pastoralism is still the main activity for the people from Mukogodo. Firewood Forest user groups in Mukogodo know how to collect firewood in a way that does not destroy the forest and respect the trees. Women mostly do it since it is their source of cooking fuel.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with the Government of Kenya has secured financial resources under the Global Environment Facility to implement the restoration of arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya through a bio-enterprise development project.
The project being implemented in the wider Mukugodo forest landscape in Isiolo and Laikipia Counties, which have high biodiversity, wildlife and touristic interest intends to restore deforested and degraded lands through the ‘Forest Landscape Restoration’ approach and enhance the socioeconomic development of local communities through the development of bio-enterprises of Non-Timber Forest Products and Services.

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